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About Fry On The Fly Productions

About Tom Fry

Tom Fry IS Fry On The Fly Productions.

Tom has been a voice-over artist, actor, writer, and musician for almost 25 years. He’s studied with some of the best acting and voice-over coaches in the world, has voiced national commercials, acted in network television shows, written screenplays, recorded two albums and has hosted nationally syndicated radio shows. His talent and extensive experience in media and the arts has made him a successful performer and craftsman.

Fry On The Fly Productions is a fully functional, state-of-the-art audio production facility. Tom’s years of audio engineering experience, combined with an extremely versatile voice, make Fry On The Fly Productions your first choice when it comes to all your voice-over needs.

Acting is Tom’s biggest passion. Whether it’s in front of a microphone, on a stage or in front of a camera, Tom is able to make a script come alive. And if it’s a script you need, his years of writing and editing experience can help you get your ideas on paper and transform them into a finished product.

So whether you need a first-rate voice-over talent with professional production experience or some help with your script or music track , Fry On The Fly is your guy. Contact him at tom@fryonthefly.com.

Man of a Thousand Voices

Examiner.com/Denver Post: Tom Fry - Man of a Thousand Voices

You've probably already heard him in commercials for everything from Arby's, to Coors, to the Colorado Lottery. Tom Fry is what's known as a "voiceover artist," one of those basso profundos you hear every day in radio and TV commercials, movie trailers, and documentary films.

But what separates Fry from your run of the mill announcer is that he doesn't just use his own speaking voice in a commercial or video. Instead, he brings into play an arsenal of accents, celebrity impressions, and cartoon voices to create characters appropriate to the venue.

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Voiceover Demos



Tom has a very versatile vocal style and range. He can deliver a deep pitch, which can be strong and authoritative or smooth and sexy. His mid-range tone allows him to be warm and friendly or professional and upbeat. With an upper-register he can sound like a teenager or young adult in his early 20’s. He can also be very enthusiastic or high-energy when needed.



Accents and characters are perhaps one of Tom's strongest suits. His dialects include: British, Southern American, Hispanic, Russian, Midwestern, Minnesota, Chicago, New York, Surfer and variations of all the above mentioned. He can also sound Jewish, Middle Eastern, Arabic, Slavic and Indian. Tom does many characters, which include quite a few voice Impressions: Johnny Carson, Sam Elliot, Keeanu Reeves, Sylvester Stallone, Borat, Brüno, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Ronald Reagan, Casey Casem, Bill Cosby, Elvis Presley, Walter Cronkite, Larry King, Mr. Miyagi (Karate Kid), Al Bundy (Married With Children), Karl Childers (Sling Blade), Scooby Doo and Shaggy, Sylvester the Cat, Yosemite Sam, South Park voices, Beavis and Butthead and dozens more... He can also sing like Cat Stevens and Bruce Springsteen.



This demo showcases all things business. Examples include training and sales, e-learning, instructional, Internet, explainer videos and tutorials.



Here are a few examples of Tom's narrator and documentary work. There are vastly different styles to suit your needs.



If you want attitude, you've got it! This has that Dennis Leary feel to it. Attitude in a variety of ways: authoritative, sarcastic, younger and middle aged.



Tom showcases his higher-vocal register on this demo. Everything from a youthful teenager to a younger Generation Y man in his early-mid 20's. This demo contains everything from calm and serious to high-energy and extreme.

Guy Next Door

Guy Next Door

This demo showcases Tom's more conversational delivery. A guy next door who sounds less "announcery." Just an ordinary guy.

English Accent

English/British/Austrailian Accent

This demo features an array of projects Tom's done with an English accent. Examples included are from documentary, sales, promotional, commercial and video games.

Movie Trailers

Movie Trailers

Whether it's the deep Don LaFontaine "In a World..." style delivery, a friendly Disney animated trailer or a higher energy DVD release, this demo showcases some of Tom's work in the movie trailer genre.



This demo showcases Tom's ability to convey authority in a script. Whether it's a truck commercial, fitness program, business project or a razor, if you want authority, you'll get it here!

Smooth Sunset


Tom can sound very sexy, deep and smooth. This demo showcases a laid-back, soothing and enticing delivery.

High Energy

High Energy

This versatile demo showcases Tom doing everything from the booming and extreme "SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!" style delivery to hard-sell car dealership and chain restaurant spots.

Phone System

Phone System

Tom has voiced many phone systems over the years: IVR, voicemail, phone systems, and on-hold messages. If you're looking for something comical or different, he does tons of voice-impressions, accents and characters, as well.

Sam Elliot

Sam Elliot

This demo features that deep, cowboy voice that is often heard on commercials. Tom is often used by Coors to do in-house projects to keep their Sam Elliot branding sound.

Fox Sports

Fox Sports

Tom is an official voice for Fox Sports Detroit and Fox Sports. Here is a short collection of promos.


Stadium Announcing

Tom has had a lot of experience doing stadium announcing. Whether you're looking for a sports announcer voice or something for a video game or commercial, here are some examples from a couple of gigs he has had over the years. It features MLB and NBA.

Police Badge

Cops and Detectives

Sometimes you need a voice that sounds like a law enforcement professional. Here, Tom features a collection of some work from video games, commercials and films.

Portfolio Tom Fry's Work

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